Fairy Tale Coloring Book for iPad

Imagine a fairy tale told by warm, magical voice, and illustrated with a bright array of colors, that allows creative kids to color in the life of their beloved characters all by themselves. This fairy tale creates its own world around your playing child, composed of sounds, color, and the imagination of your little artist.

Have you imagined it?

Welcome to the world of “Fairy Tale Coloring Book”, the best coloring book for kids on iPad!

Popular Fairy Tales

Popular Fairy Tales

Your fidgety little one can pick one of our fun, educational and interesting fairy tale coloring books. We have six fairy tales available for our little listener, both popular Russian folk tales and fairy tales by authors from other countries.

See all of our fairy tales!

Listen up

Listen up!

Every fairy tale contains a few bright and vivid pictures colored in watercolor by a professional artist.

While your little one turns the pages, an enchanted voice will lead them through the adventures of their favorite characters, helping your child fill up their play time with brightly colored experiences. Parents too, can afford to relax for a while, knowing that their child is having fun playing two free to download iPad games for kids (the fairy tales “The Little Loaf (Kolobok),” and “How the Whale Got his Throat” by Rudyard Kipling)

Color it in

Color it in!

I would say that the most interesting moment in this iPad story is when your son or daughter gets to color in their favorite fairy tale characters! Why shouldn’t your little dreamer think up their own new image for each character? Who says that a fox’s tail has to be orange? This iPad coloring book helps develop your little peanut’s fine motor skills, and also improve the imagination and every day smarts of your little explorer!

See how it turned out

See how it turned out!

When your little artist has put the finishing touches on his work and colored in all the fairy tale’s characters, something really great happens. All the characters get together and act out the fairy tale drawn by your little one’s fingers on this iPad app for kids.

That is a truly magical moment. All the characters gather together so your favorite young author can show his story to mom and dad!